Google Updates Effecting Ranking of Websites

Search Engine Optimization techniques are an ever changing technology effecting online business at greater level. Yearly due to many algorithms updates leads to filtering of more relevant and high quality websites. However following the new updates SEO activities and techniques helps to rank good in search engines. Here are some of the factors that boost the ranking of the website in Search Engines.

Google updates bring many changes to the websites ranking factors. There are yearly many updates being healthy as well no so good for the websites. Three main updates that need to be known by the webmasters for better ranking of websites are Panda, Penguin and Humming Bird Update, although the algorithms should be followed by webmaster’s and SEO’s to get more benefits from the search engines.

What is Google Panda Update?Blog - Panda and peguien - NYSEROSERVICES

Google Panda as introduce by Google in February 2011, the main focus of algorithms update was to rank the sites lower having low quality content and low quality sites in the search engine result pages. Google introduce Panda updates time to time and the sites with the low quality content is effected badly by this update adding sites with more advertising contents and those with the low quality content has seen with drastic decrease in ranking in search engines.

What is Google Penguin Update?

Google Penguin as introduce by Google in April 2012, is only designed for the websites having the spamming work. The idea to introduce these updates was to penalize those sites which are going against the Google Webmaster Guidance. Mainly the websites practicing black hat SEO, link buying, duplicate content, keyword stuffing and cloaking etc are been effected by this algorithm updates.

What is Google Humming Bird Update?

Google Humming Bird as introduce by Google in September 2013. The main focus of designing this algorithm is better understanding meaning behinds the words of the search queries. Humming Birds is playing important role in understand each word in query and getting the exact meaning of whole phrase providing the accurate result. To apply the meaning to many web pages with the graph results to better get the accurate ranking of the search queries. According to Google, Humming Bird comes from the word “precise and fast”.

Get the news of Panda, Penguin and hummingbird update and learn how they affect business website. SEO Services in New York follow the latest trends of SEO and thoroughly study the google algoritham.


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