SEO Experts keeping up with Changes

SEO Experts keeping up with Changes - NYSEOSERVICESEvery one now knows the search engine optimization is a milestone in internet based marketing and promotion. Simply stated, without it your website has little or no chances of success. However, the question of the day is: What’s’ new with SEO?
The world of the internet is ever-changing and constantly developing, as is SEO. So, it’s up to SEO experts to keep tabs on the changes and to make sure that affordable SEO services are not offering methods of the past and strategies that up to now may have been successful but are no longer.
These are some of the most important changes that SEO experts need to know:
  • There have been “Updates on Doorway Page” Criteria; this means that more pages are considered to be “doorway pages” than before including location-specific pages and duplicate aggregations of products. Furthermore, it is known that the Google team is looking for a way to detect all keyword-stuffed websites that are designed solely for search engine spiders.
  • Mobilegeddon- Google’s mobile update was designed to ensure that mobile friendly websites ranked higher on the search engine’s list.
  • User experience is NOT a Ranking Factor for Desktop Search as of yet, however, it seems to be in the plans.
  • Search Analytics Report replaced the Search Queries report in Google Webmaster Tools in which the data is more refined and there are new filtering options for a more precise data analysis. This was done by joining individual page impression counts whilst separating search properties and devices, reducing image click counts etc. A SEO expert should check out new tools to see how they can help with analyzing traffic and conversions
  • Bing App Index; indexing apps by content rather than app name.
  • Google & Bing Provide Actionable Links. These links will automatically appear for eligible businesses and it is estimated that they will be highly desirable to most companies. Be sure this ability is included in any affordable SEO services you retain.
  • The Quality Update; “there were changes to its core ranking algorithm in terms of how it processes quality signals.” The aim of the Quality update by Google is to restore the quality of the websites found near the top of the search engine list. What needs to be remembered here is that content is above all and SEO experts need to keep that in mind when working on websites. Pages with low quality content and high pages with high density of keywords with content of low quality are being weeded out.
Keeping this in mind all Affordable SEO services in New York providers need to constantly be aware of the changes that are being made to increase that quality of Search Engine lists and provided websites. It is no longer efficient to use content jam packed with keywords lacking in substance.

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