The Web Development Trends Of 2016 To Lookout For

ecommerce-website-design-and-development-company-nyseoservicesWe are already very much into the year 2016 and things have started to become exciting for the web developers. 2015 was certainly a good year for the internet and related technologies. Many new things were introduced anNyseoservicesd many trends caught up. But, 2015 is behind us and we are staring right into many months of 2016 that await us. Web technologies are ever evolving and thus new trends are bound to surface in this year. It can be safely said that 2016 will be more promising for the developers than any year before. Here are some of the top web development trends for 2016.

Motion UI or Motion User Interface

Motion UI is indeed a library which will be very widely used in the year 2016. It will be used extensively to create the transitions and the animations as well. One of the biggest challenges for the web developers is to make the transitions appear smooth. However, with this library, it will be easy for the developers to overcome this challenge. With the help of this library, the integration of the animations and transitions will be seamless. 2015 just saw the tip of the iceberg as far as Motion UI is considered. This year it will be trendier.

Responsive designs will become more popular

The sale of smartphones is increasing dramatically every year. There is no reason why it will not grow in 2016 as well. With more and more people now using their smart mobile phones to access internet, it is important for the web developers and designers to provide seamless experience. Therefore, Mobile responsive web designs will definitely get trendier this year. The idea is to create a website that performs equally well on the desktop as well as mobile phone without losing any of its user friendliness or functionalities. The advanced tools used for responsive web designs will make sure that this becomes possible.


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