6 Forms of Promotion Outside The APP Store

mobile-app-development-company-ecommerce-web-development-ny-seo-servicesThere are various promotional activities that, although with less impact than ASO, if applied together, can have very significant results. Here are some ideas:

  1. Press Release – A pretty ordinary form of promotion, but still manages to obtain very positive results because of the “newness” factor associated with Apps. This way, it is possible that general or even specialized media will mention national and/or the coolest Apps on their pages. Some good occasions for sending a press release are when the App reaches the store’s international tops, as well as any significant distinctions or awards.
  2. Cross promotion in other Apps – If you already have other Apps available, you can use them to promote the download of the new App or use Apps belonging to partners. There are also networks dedicated exclusively to this type of cross promotion between Apps – Cross-promotion networks (CPN) – some are free, while others only offer a paid version. Some examples of these types of networks include TapJoy and Flurry AppCircle.
  3. Offline Promotion – Participate in fairs or conferences that are relevant to your App’s theme and take advantage of them to get your App noticed, as well as to build partnerships. Whenever you have the possibility of physically promoting the App (magazine, flyer, poster, etc.) always include a QR code with a direct link to download the App.
  4. Make a video – Videos have a great ability to, in just 30 seconds, exemplify why the App is worth the download. Tell a story and with that story show how the App can solve that problem. Post this video on the App’s website, YouTube, etc…
  5. Engage bloggers – Introduce your App to the most influential bloggers within the theme of your App. If they like it, they will share it with all their readers and followers on social networks. If the App is paid, give them a coupon for a free trial.
  6. App Review Sites – Some of these sites can generate many downloads when they do a review that recommends your App. It also serves as a good source of links (Link Building) for the App’s website.

As a last tip, I leave something that cannot be exactly called promotion. It’s something that is already part of the post-sale stage: make the technical support outstanding! Provide all available channels to support your Apps’ users and always be quick and thoughtful when responding.


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